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Cap Ferret Ocean Side

The ocean beaches on the Aquitaine coastline are some of the most beautiful due to their fine, immaculate white sand, blue horizons, and fabulous sunsets

Between the Bassin and the Atlantic, beaches are always located at the end of the road

Choose your favourite beach from Le Truc Vert, Sail Fish, Les Enfants du Spectacles, La Garonne, and La Pointe and experience the sensation of freedom in front of these magnificent wild expanses. While most of the beaches are unsupervised, some may be more difficult to access than others depending on the dune.  For more information, please let me know.

At Cap Ferret, during the season, Horizon beach can be easily accessed via a duckboard. The village is connected to the ocean by a small train that runs from the landing stage on the dock side, which is supervised and accessible.


A variety of sports

Surf schools offer courses on ocean beaches for surfing enthusiasts to master the waves on the Atlantic coast.

Kite surfing is also available for those seeking a thrill.

The tennis club de l'Océan at Sail Fish offers private or group lessons. Court can be booked to play with friends.

On the way to Piquey, there is a horse-riding centre that offers romantic rides in the forest or on the beach.

The long stretches of sand are perfect for cycling during low tide. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend using special bicycles with large wheels and electric assistance. 

'Longe-côte', also known as aquatic walking, has become increasingly popular in recent years. These sporty underwater walks offer numerous benefits and can be enjoyed in the ocean or on the beaches of the basin.

Please refer to the addresses listed at the bottom of the page.  


Nadia creates a haven of peace and serenity that makes guests feel at home.

Ideal for a romantic getaway, recharging and dreaming, where you can live in harmony with the rhythm of the ocean. 

JM & P

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Our addresses


Club de l’Océan :

Rue des Bernaches Cap Ferret - 05 56 03 79 61 

Surf Schools

Ecole de Surf du Cap ferret :  

Plage de la Garonne -
Surf Center :

Plage de l’Horizon - 06 09 10 81 99

Go for a ride

Equestrian centre Cap Ferret :  

Truc Vert - 06 18 43 01 98 -

Longe Côte

Coastal water walking -

Sea fishing for tuna or sea bass

Famille Reveleau  :  

Village du Canon - 06  46 77 59 08 -
Cap ô large  :  

Cap Ferret - 06 69 27 32 16 -

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