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Cap Ferret Bassin Side

La Cabane de Pomme de Pin is located in one of the most beautiful areas on the Cap-Ferret peninsula.

The 44-hectare sector is highly sought-after and located on the edge.

The location of your stay is ideal, just a few metres from the Mimbeau lagoon. During your first visit to the Presqu'île, you can explore the immediate surroundings of La Cabane on foot.


The Mimbeau and its "lugue

The 'lugue', which is the local name for the lagoon formed by the Mimbeau sand spit, is just a few steps away at the end of the street.

You can enjoy the magnificent scenery that changes depending on the time of day and the tide. The Dune on the horizon is adorned with stunning shades of pink. Le Mimbeau's long sandy beach offers one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the headland.

The village of fishermen

The oyster-farming and fishing village is located just 200m away. It is a charming local village with typical huts.

You can participate in numerous tasting sessions to discover the best of the local cultures, including oysters from the Basin, Ile aux Oiseaux, or Banc d'Arguin.

Cap Ferret is a village

The village of Cap Ferret is a short cycle ride away and is known for its lively atmosphere and charm. The covered market is open year-round, with additional outdoor stalls in good weather. During the summer months, it becomes a daily fixture.


The main streets are lined with shops and boutiques.


Please refer to this page for our recommended addresses.

Leisure activities

The Bassin's calm water invites relaxation and meditation. Mimbeau beach offers an extraordinary setting for reading and unwinding. Sunbathing and shopping can be combined at the town beach in the heart of the village.

During the summer season, there are plenty of water sports activities on the basin. A sailing club, located next to the fishing village, rents out small dinghies and catamarans. The peaceful lagoon is also an ideal place to try paddle boarding.

This romantic cabin is the ideal place to recharge your batteries and make the most of Le Ferret thanks to its exceptional location.



You can do everything by bike, and your hostess will provide you with them free of charge.

Céline GB


Our addresses


La Maison du bassin  :

Rue des Pionniers Cap-Ferret - 05 56 03 72 46
Chez Hortense  :  

Ave du Sémaphore Cap-Ferret - 06 56 60 62 56
Pinasse Café :  

Jetée de Bélisaire Cap-Ferret  - 05 56 03 77 87
La Mayzou :

32 Ave Nord du phare Cap ferret -
Le Sail Fish :

Rue des Bernaches Cap Ferret - 05 56 60 44 84
Le Bouchon du Ferret :

2 Rue des Palmiers Cap Ferret - 05 56 60 67 51
L’Auberge du Bassin :

38 Ave du Gal de Gaulle Claouey - 05 56 60 70 22

Oyster tasting

Chez Boulan  :

Rue de Palmiers Cap-Ferret  - 05 56 60 77 32
La Cabane du Mimbeau  :

Imp. de la Conche Cap-Ferret - 05 56 60 61 67
La Cabane d’Hortense :

Rue des Tamaris  Cap-Ferret - 05 56 03 26 74
La Kabane : 8 Rue des Pêcheurs - 05 56 60 65 42

Cocktail Bar

Le Tchanqué :

Rue des Pionniers Cap-Ferret - 05 56 60 49 84

Tea Room

Frédélian :

Bd de la Plage Cap-Ferret - 05 56 60 60 59

Decor Shop

Voyage :

Bd de la plage Cap Ferret
DayCo  :

Bd de la Plage Cap- Ferret - 05 56 03 71 38
La Maison d’Ici :

Route de Bordeaux Petit Piquey - 05 56 03 68 84


Ferret Marine :

Port de la Vigne Cap Ferret - 06 12 59 30 75

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